John Rite – Magician

John Rite – Magician

A Novel by Robin R. Davis

An average high school student, John Rite, finds he is not so average.  Read what happens when an average high school non-athlete student realizes he is not average.  John discovers super abilities, magic, romance, Chinese intrigue and destruction.

Nothing extraordinary has ever happened to John Rite.  He is not an athlete.  He is a magician. But in high school, if you are not an athlete, everyone knows you are nothing.  John knows this.   That is why he bursts into the back door of his home shouting, “Guess what mom?  I won the 100 yard dash.”

Suddenly several extraordinary events happen.  He has won the 100 yard dash at school.  He escapes death in a shark attack while surfing.  During a magic show he tries to impress a cute high school girl, Becky, with magic powers and with powers he receives from beings from the fifth dimension, a world called Nexxon.  Becky is the sister of John’s best friend, Sam.  She is dating the high school quarterback, Frank Stephens.  John does impress her which makes Frank furious. 

Later, Becky gives John a slap one minute and a very passionate kiss the next.

John, Becky and Sam are thrown together unexpectedly in Hong Kong.  They learn of a plot to kill the United States President, Vice President and Congress.  A Communist Youth Group, the YFC, is hatching the plot.  Shockingly, the head of the group is Frank Stephens.  John, Becky and Sam use their wits and receive help from Nexxonians to thwart the plot.  It is a fight to the death.


This adventure novel for Young Adult/Teen readers was submitted for publishing to an online bookstore called Smashwords. 

It is available right now as a Nook Book on Barnes and Nobel at:

It will eventually appear on Amazon other online bookstores in a few weeks.

The ISBN of this book is: 978-1-4658-7132-9

This book is also available right now at an online bookstore called Smashwords.  It is available in the following formats: HTML, JavaScript, Kindle, Epub, PDF, RTF, LRF, PDB, and plain text. 

You can download the first two chapters of this ebook FREE at the following address:

The book is available on any format (Computer, Labtop, notepad, ipod, android, nook, kindle, etc.)

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